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Courses & programmes designed to educate, motivate and enhance

Our expert learning and development team has developed a vast range of courses and programmes, designed to educate, excite, motivate and enhance you and your people. Our core capabilities sit within the following eight specialist areas:

Management & Leadership – A suite of courses and programmes designed to ensure we nurture and enhance the potential of your current and future managers and leaders.

Personal Development - Our range of personal development programmes and courses help build confidence, educate on how to improve time and stress management, increase creativity and develop assertiveness.

Sale & Business Development - Our sales & business development programmes are designed to enable those with high-value, complex sales and BD roles to develop higher levels of business acumen, a stronger consultative approach and, above all, the skillset with which to succeed.

Organisational Performance - Every programme under our Organisational Performance capability area is designed to have a lasting impact on the overall performance of your business. This is achieved through providing your staff with the skills and knowledge to effectively support your strategy.

Project Management – Our diverse range of project management training programmes will enhance your current capability and push your career forward – whether you’re just starting out in project management or you’re an experienced project manager looking to gain a professionally accredited qualification.

Planning & Project Controls – Our range of planning & project control programmes will enhance your knowledge and ability. We achieve this through the vast knowledge and hard-earned expertise of our trainers, who have designed our suite of programmes with real-life, on-the-job issues in mind.

Risk Management - Through the significant operational experience and training ability of our qualified L&D consultants, our risk management programmes enable learners to successfully identify and manage risk throughout the entire project lifecycle.

IT & Business Systems – We are one of the leading IT training providers in the UK. Why? Because of the sheer breadth, and depth, of knowledge between our IT and Business Systems Capabilities team, which enables us to be experts in a vast range of business and creative software.

Where our specialist knowledge ends, our network of trusted experts begins. We will link with external partners to get the best solutions for our customers when requirements fall outside of our core capabilities