10 Things we learned at The Learning Technologies Expo 2016

The Learning Technologies (3-4th Feb 2016) annual event is a wonderful opportunity for businesses and L&D providers to come together to share ideas and best practice, discover the trends of the future and explore the services available to support effective learning and development.

Finding Time to Talk About Mental Health at Work

It’s Time to Talk Day on 4th February. A day dedicated to raising the awareness of the increasing issue of mental health. To encourage people to open up and discuss their experiences, knowledge, views and concerns. It’s not something people want to talk about. But that’s the point.

Top five areas to focus on in L&D for 2016

The world is changing rapidly and the only way to keep up is to constantly refresh critical aspects of your business. Read our latest blog which takes a look at the top 5 areas to keep an eye on in 2016 in L&D.

Understanding the World of Project Management

There are a lot of misconceptions about the world of project management; the idea that you have to be a project manager to work in the field, for example, or that you have to be accredited to do so. But in reality project management is a vast field covering a huge spectrum of different skills, job roles and capabilities, and it’s because of this fact that there remains a great deal of misunderstanding about what is actually involved.

The Art of Communication

Welcome to our new blog series on personal effectiveness. Each month we will be posting a blog on some of the most important personal effectiveness skills needed to excel both in and outside of the workplace. Throughout the year we will be covering a variety of topics including personal brand, emotional health and time management, amongst many others. To kick off we are starting with one of the most vital skills anyone can learn – the art of communication.

Getting the Most from Your Staff – Could Remote Working be the Answer?

The ability to work remotely is now one of the most desired ‘perks’ of a job, and while there is gradual movement towards a more flexible working environment, it’s still not a commonplace scenario in most businesses. But with Work from Home Week being celebrated 18th-24th January, it’s the perfect time to raise awareness and get organisations talking about it.

New Year, New Challenges – Getting off on the Right Foot

For many organisations the beginning of a new year is the start of a new phase in their development, most will have set out targets and aims for the coming 12 months (or possibly even longer) and January is the ideal time to kick start this advancement as everyone returns to their role, hopefully rested and refreshed.

Setting Up For the Year Ahead

For many organisations, this week will see the final few days of work for their employees, and as the business world winds down, and everyone sets about forgetting the pressures of work and enjoying a well-earned rest, it can be tempting to ignore the looming NEW YEAR that is upon us.  But, not to frighten or panic anyone, 2016 is a mere couple of weeks away.

10 Tips for Using Feedback Effectively

Getting feedback is vital in anything we do; whether it’s work, hobbies or our relationships, it’s important for us to hear from others how they perceive our actions, and what steps we can take to improve our performance.   It can also offer excellent insight into how our behaviour impacts others, information we could never accurately obtain from self-reflection.

Effective Teamwork – Lessons from the International Space Station

Throughout history there have been many examples of unexpected partnerships emerging and powerful demonstrations of teamwork, but arguably none more inspiring than the formidable task of setting up and maintaining the largest man-made satellite in the galaxy; the International Space Station.  A project centred around one goal: to further the knowledge of human kind through space exploration and research.