The Power of Dynamic Learning – Leaving the Classroom Behind

Humans are hardwired to learn, it is how we survive in this ever changing world.  If we didn’t have the capacity to learn and adapt, we’d struggle to do any of the basic things we take for granted like walking or interacting with people; and yet despite this innate need to evolve and progress, ‘learning’ still gets a bad rap from some people, especially when it comes to work-related training.

That’s a Wrap – The Final Round-up from the Lake District

The apprentices’ week with the Outward Bound Trust has come to an end and everyone is settling back into their normal working environments once again, but the experiences of last week will likely not be forgotten any time soon.

Goodbye Comfort Zone, Hello Learning – Day Five at the Lake District

It’s been a long and intense week, and as it finally draws to a close there are a lot of mixed emotions emerging for both me and the apprentices.  It’s a bittersweet ending.

The Beginning of the End – Day four at the Lake District

After the exertion of the past two days, it’s fair to say that the group and I were leaning fairly heavily towards not wanting to do much today, with the overwhelming majority stating that a ‘chill’ day would be extremely welcome.  Of course, this being the Outwood Bound Trust, that wasn’t on the agenda.

Challenge Accepted – Day Three at the Lake District

The challenge, should we choose to accept it… a bridge across a 20 foot gap over a fast flowing river using only ropes and a few cabiners (the metal clips used in mountaineering).

King of the Mountain – Day two at the Lake District

After the relatively relaxed pace of the first day’s activities, there was an air of anxious excitement as the second day kicked off – today was hill climbing day.

And so it begins….Day one at the Lake District

It’s been an undeniably long day; both the TLD team and the apprentices have had to travel a long way to get here, some having set out at 7am to arrive in time for the launch of this week’s programme. 

Ready or No, Here I Go – Getting Ready to Learn at The Lake District

My first introduction to TLD was via a muddy obstacle course.  Just over three months in and I’m doing it again; this time I’m being packed off to the Lake District to bear witness to the trials of the Thales UK apprentices, and obviously it wouldn’t be cricket if I didn’t get involved as well.

Learning for Ourselves by Learning from Each Other – A Lesson from Jay Cross

With the tragic passing of L&D expert Jay Cross earlier this month, it feels fitting to pay tribute to one of the great thought leaders in learning arena and explore some of the concepts he helped define. 

#Learning – Social Media as the Latest Learning Tool

Do you use social media to learn?  Odds are you probably do, even if you don’t realise it.  Learnt a fun new fact on Facebook that you revel in telling your colleagues about?  That’s using social media to learn, you might not have intended to, but that’s what happened.  Sorry.