Top 10 Missed Opportunities in L&D

Investment in L&D is not simply about solving pre-existing business problems or overcoming challenges (although targeted learning can, and should, do both of those things if necessary). It is also about creating, and capitalising on, opportunities which otherwise may not have existed, or may not have been possible to exploit, and realising the true potential of the single greatest asset you have – your staff.

Top inventions by woman that changed the world!

In honour of National Woman in Enginerring Day, we decided to look at the inventions by woman that changed our world. From Wireless technology to ScotchguardTM, Monopoly to CCTV - without female engineers, our world would be a very differnt place.

How do you encourage a team to be a team?

Every business aspires to build their organisation around good team players and strong communicators; these ‘soft skills’ are often highlighted on job descriptions, noted in objectives and spoken about in management meetings. Yet, how often do businesses actually focus on developing these skills in their employees?

7 Engineering Wonders of the World – Infographic

These engineering projects represent some of the boldest achievements in human history. Here we feature the elements that made them true wonders of the world.

Primavera P6 and PRA Features and Benefits Guide

This informative guide will provide you with the valuable information the features and benefits of Primavera P6 and PRA.

Top 10 change management mistakes to avoid

In business, change is inevitable. But it can also be prone to failure, and there are a number of common reasons for that. All of them, however, are easily avoidable.

The TLD customer day – “a great taster session”

On 31st March we held our first customer open day of 2015. The day was focussed on two key topics: intelligent outsourcing and programme management in the morning, and organisational health in the afternoon. We asked some of our customers and staff why this day was so useful or important to them.

How to be a brilliant coach in your workplace

Coaching is one of the most effective ways to get the best out of your staff at any level, and there are a number of key behaviours you can practise that will enable you to use coaching effectively as part of your everyday management process.

How to create an effective action plan for employee engagement

When it comes to creating high levels of employee engagement, people tend to make the process needlessly complex. Obviously creating an engaged workforce won’t happen overnight, but there are a number of fairly simple steps you can take in order to start having an impact.

10 must-attend UK project management events in 2015

Project Management L&D Consultant Darren Ley has compiled a list of 10 must-attend project management events in 2015, for anyone who works in the profession, is looking to move into the field, or simply has an interest in the world of project management.