Issue 10, Published 1st April, 2016.

Welcome to Enhance

We designed this magazine as a way to explore key topics within the learning and development industry, analyse important research and provide insight and opinion to those working in and around, or interested in, the field. The purpose of this publication isn’t so much about showcasing our business as it is about sharing our passion for impactful learning, the various applications of L&D and the increasingly innovative ways in which it is delivered.

Why ‘Enhance?’

Our mission is to help people be more effective in their roles, ultimately enabling them to have a bigger impact on the success of their organisation. The word ‘enhance’ therefore represents what we, as an L&D provider, are striving to achieve – enhancing skills, knowledge and organisational performance through learning. That is what we believe all L&D, at its core, should be aiming for, and that is why we chose ‘Enhance’ as the title for our magazine.

In this issue

  • The Demographic Time-Bomb – The Impact and what you can do about it
  • L&D and the Board Room - Why you should have a seat
  • Wellbeing at Work – An interview with Jonathan Alpert
  • L&D and the Self Employed – Are they missing out?






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