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Access Query Writing – Microsoft Training Course

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1 Day
£220.00 +VAT

Course description

We show you all the tools and techniques you need to understand in order to quickly, easily, and accurately extract data from Microsoft Access, enabling you to be more efficient and effective in your role.

Is it right for me?

Whether you’re a new or existing Access user, this Access training course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to write and use queries that can extract information from databases.

What will I get out of it?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create select queries from multiple tables
  • Include calculations and parameters in queries
  • Create unmatched queries
  • Create action queries to manipulate data
  • Create de-duplication queries

Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He had taken the time to understand our backgrounds and what we would use Access for.  The exercises were good and as there were extra exercises, we could work at our own pace.  The venue and food were excellent.

Scientific Officer, Home Office

What does it cover?

  • Database objects
  • Table structure
  • Keys and indexes
  • Relational databases
  • Extracting data using select queries
  • Setting criteria
  • Creating parameter queries
  • Calculations in queries
  • Linking tables in queries
  • Join types
  • Creating queries to find unmatched data
  • Top values queries
  • Unique values queries
  • Formatting query output
  • Adding totals to your queries
  • Building crosstab queries
  • Using make table queries
  • Using append queries
  • Using delete queries
  • Using update queries
  • Using the duplicates query wizard
  • Eliminating duplicates using an append query
  • Finding differences between tables

Book this course

1 Day
£220.00 +VAT

Course leader

Paul Terry

L&D Consultant, IT Solutions

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