Adobe Illustrator – Creative Essentials

Adobe Illustrator – Creative Essentials

1 DayCrawley£220.00+VAT

With its advanced drawing and typography tools, Adobe Illustrator is a sophisticated graphics program that enables you to quickly and easily create vector art and complex illustrations.

We show you all the essential features and techniques you need to be aware of in order to begin using this software effectively – from creating basic shapes, to painting, drawing, and working with layers.

If you’re completely new to Adobe Illustrator, or you simply want to refresh your existing knowledge – this introductory training course will provide you with the necessary skills to create eye-catching illustrations.

Course Detail

What you’ll learn

By the end of the programme you’ll be able to:

  • Effectively create and edit illustrations, using the Pen tool to draw and edit paths
  • Use specialised shape tools to produce rectangles, circles, arcs, spirals and stars
  • Create complex shapes by combining simple shapes into compound paths
  • Transform objects and create special effects with type
  • Create and apply gradient fills/strokes, manage swatch libraries
  • Work with layers
  • Output to print or web

What’s covered

The Illustrator work area

  • Opening files
  • Changing views
  • Scrolling and zooming
  • Working with the toolbox
  • Displaying palettes

Making selections

  • Selecting objects and parts of objects
  • Selecting type

Creating basic shapes

  • Creating a new file
  • Creating polygons, spirals and stars
  • Copying and combining shapes


  • Filling objects with colour
  • Applying colour to strokes
  • Building a custom palette
  • Gradients
  • Swatches
  • Pantone™ colours

Drawing with the pen tool

  • Drawing straight lines
  • Creating and editing curves

Transforming objects

  • Using the scaling tool
  • Rotating and distorting objects
  • Using the shear tool
  • Positioning and reflecting objects

Working with type

  • Adding type to a document
  • Changing character size
  • Changing the appearance of a paragraph
  • Wrapping type around a graphic

Working with layers

  • Creating layers
  • Moving objects and layers
  • Locking layers
  • Viewing layers

Creating output

  • Printing artwork
  • Saving for the web
1 DayCrawley£220.00+VAT