Crystal Reports Modules 1 and 2 – Creating and Modifying Reports Course

Crystal Reports Modules 1 and 2 – Creating and Modifying Reports

2 DayCrawley£650.00+VAT

SAP Crystal Reports is a powerful business intelligence tool that allows users to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources.

We show you all the essential features and techniques that will enable you to proficiently create and modify reports with this software – from sorting, grouping and summarising data, to working with tables and formulas.

If you’re completely new to Crystal Reports, or you simply want to refresh your existing knowledge – this introductory Crystal Reports training course will provide you with the essential skills you need.

Course Detail

What you’ll learn

By the end of the programme you’ll be able to:

  • Select and sort database records in a report
  • Produce simple, grouped and summarised reports
  • Include calculations and conditional formatting in reports

What’s covered

Planning a report

  • Database, tables and fields
  • Understanding the data

Connecting to data

  • Direct access or ODBC

Creating a new report

  • Starting a new report
  • Report layout
  • Report views
  • Adding, moving and sizing fields
  • Adding, moving and sizing objects
  • Previewing data
  • Refreshing data
  • Saving a report

Formatting objects

  • Editing and formatting text objects
  • Text fields
  • Number fields
  • Date and time fields

Record selection

  • Using the select expert
  • Adding and editing selection criteria
  • Using logical operators
  • Setting the report date

Sorting and grouping

  • Applying a sort order
  • Adding and editing a group definition
  • Reordering groups
  • Grouping on a date field

Grouping and summarising

  • Summarising
  • Adding a subtotal
  • Adding a grand total
  • Top N / sort group
  • Hiding detail
  • Using drill down

Working with text objects

  • Inserting text objects
  • Text rotation
  • Combining text and fields
  • Formatting objects

Special fields and graphics

  • Adding and formatting special fields
  • Inserting boxes, lines and graphics

Linking tables

  • Creating reports using more than one table
  • Using the visual linking expert
  • Relationships and join types
  • Changing join types
  • Removing tables

Record selection using parameters

  • Creating parameters
  • Creating selection list parameters
  • Editing parameters


  • Creating and editing a formula
  • Numeric calculations
  • Date calculations
  • Percentages
  • Using IF formulas

Conditional reporting

  • Using the highlighting expert
  • Conditional formatting

Section formatting

  • Changing the size of sections
  • Using the section expert
  • Group section breaks
  • Changing backgrounds
2 DayCrawley£650.00+VAT