Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables – Online Excel Training Course

Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables – Online Excel Training Course

1 HourCrawley£35.00+VAT

Microsoft Excel’s pivot table function is an essential tool that allows you see the ‘bigger picture’ – quickly and easily summarising, analysing, and presenting large amounts of data.

We show you all the basics of the pivot table function, showing you how it works and how it can help you. Learners are encouraged to participate in the session by asking questions, and we’ll be here to give you support via telephone, email or Twitter for 90 days after the programme finishes.

If you’re an Excel user who wants to learn how to use the pivot table function to organise data, or you want to refresh your existing knowledge, this online Excel training course will enable you to achieve that.

Course Detail

What you’ll learn

By the end of the programme you’ll know:

  • How pivot tables work
  • How to create and modify your pivot table structures
  • How to change the summary calculation used to analyse your data
  • How to use report filters
  • How to group data
  • How to sort data
  • How to create a pivot chart

What’s covered

Pivot tables

  • How pivot tables work
  • Working with the pivot cache
  • Building the structure to your pivot table
  • Modifying the structure
  • Creating report filters
  • Refreshing data
  • Single VS multiple pivot caches

Changing summary calculations

  • Changing the summary calculation method
  • Adding subtotals

Sorting pivot data

  • Simple sorting
  • Advanced sorting
  • Grouping data in a pivot table
  • Grouping dates
  • Grouping numbers

Pivot charts

  • Creating a pivot chart
  • Modifying a pivot chart
1 HourCrawley£35.00+VAT