PowerPoint Expert – Media Master Class Course

1 day

Once you’ve mastered the basic features and functions of Microsoft PowerPoint it is an extremely useful tool. But for those looking to take their presentations to the next level, there are a number of advanced techniques that can help you achieve that. 

We show you all the features you need to be aware of in order to master the art of PowerPoint presentations, from creating eye-catching graphics to working with sound, animation and interactive slides. 

If you’re already a confident PowerPoint user, and you’re looking to enhance your existing skillset, this advanced PowerPoint training course will enable you to successfully produce seamless, professional-looking slides every time. 

What you’ll learn

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Create presentations and design templates
  • Configure and troubleshoot the slide master
  • Create and format SmartArt Objects
  • Edit and manipulate photos and images
  • Create advanced graphics and apply eye catching effects such as shadows, gradient and 3D depths
  • Make presentations come alive with sound and vision
  • Animate objects, and assign slide transitions
  • Design interactive slide shows
  • Apply professional presentation techniques, create PowerPoint shows and package a presentation for distribution

What’s covered

Presentation design

  • Presentation creation and fundamentals
  • Working with slide masters
  • Themes and templates

Working with SmartArt

  • Creating SmartArt graphics
  • SmartArt formatting and styles
  • Converting text to SmartArt

Image manipulation

  • Photo editing
  • Applying styles and formatting
  • Converting image collections to SmartArt (2013)
  • Photo albums

Custom graphics

  • Shape manipulation and perspective
  • 3D, gradient and shadow effects
  • Manual SmartArt creation

Sound and vision

  • Overlaying sound
  • Importing videos
  • Media file types explained
  • Bookmarking media
  • Interlinking objects/text with multimedia

Animation and transition

  • Animating text, objects and SmartArt
  • Re-ordering and configuring animation
  • Animation Painter (2010 and 2013)
  • Applying slide transitions

Interactive slide shows

  • Using action buttons in presentations
  • Quizzes and interactive guides
  • Designing action buttons and transparent links

Professional presentations

  • Using PowerPoint shows
  • Presentation quick keys
  • Presenter mode (2010+)
  • Looping presentations
  • Packaging a Presentation for CD

A bespoke course, at a venue and date of your choice.

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Customer Testimonials

TLD ran a very good bespoke session for my team which could not have been improved upon, they worked extremely hard managing a group of 10 at different ability and version of software 2003 & 2007 users. Good job .. many thanks. A really good overall experience.

Training Delivery Manager, Scotia Gas Networks

Jamie Boyd

Course Leader

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