Managing Remote Teams

Managing Remote Teams

1 DayCrawley£405.00+VAT

Managing a remote team can present a number of challenges, particularly around communication, task allocation and performance management. We can show you effective techniques that will allow you to overcome those challenges and increase productivity.

We take an in-depth look at the issues surrounding remote team management, showing you how to generate a sense of belonging and inclusiveness amongst team members and manage their performance - even across long distances.

If you’re a middle or junior manager running a team across multiple locations, and you’re looking to enhance your remote team management skills, this relaxed, workshop-style course will provide you with a solid set of actions you can implement within your own workplace.

Course Detail

What you’ll learn

By the end of the programme you’ll be able to:

  • Identify key actions to take in terms of managing team performance remotely
  • Implement a communications plan for use within the team
  • Allocate tasks to team members to build a culture of teamwork across different locations
  • Involve your team members in planning team activities
  • Use visits to each location to maximum effect

What’s covered

Generating a sense of belonging amongst all communication in the team

  • How do team members find out the latest news?
  • Identifying what needs to be known by all
  • Formalising the information flow: meetings and briefings and written communication
  • Getting best effect from team meetings
  • Identifying key contacts between locations
  • Using ‘informal’ communication channels

Managing performance from a distance

  • Allocating tasks and objectives across the team
  • Clarifying the flow or work in the team
  • Identifying areas of expertise
  • Deciding key areas of responsibility per location
  • Identifying, and dealing with, the different levels of performance

Involving the whole team in planning and change

  • Creating the atmosphere for participation
  • Identifying the most suitable medium for communication
  • Overcoming the challenges posed by working remotely
  • Gaining commitment to implement actions when the manager is not present

Maximising time in each location

  • Your chance to deliver a presentation in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • Exploring the importance of your visual, vocal and verbal communication
  • Constructive feedback on your individual style and tips on how to make more of an impact as a trainer

Visual aid options

  • Setting the tone of a visit – from ‘inspection’ to ‘social call’
  • Considering what team members expect and need from your presence
  • Identifying what needs to be prepared by the team prior to your visit
  • Making contact with your team members while you’re there
  • Getting into effective and efficient routines

Action planning time

  • The final part of the workshop gives participants time to consider and plan what they want to implement back at their workplaces as a result of the learning

Please note: This course assumes you have already studied teamworking on some level, or have attended a fundamentals course such as our Teambuilding for Managers programme.

1 DayCrawley£405.00+VAT