Leading Organisations Through Change

Leading Organisations Through Change

2 DayCrawley£770.00+VAT

Significant change brings with it some unique challenges for business leaders. Recognising the impact of change across your organisation, and maintaining the motivation and productivity of staff, is essential.

We look at the relationship between change and strategy, helping you establish clear measures of success for change completion – from effectively organising resources to creating a clear communication plan. We also look at real-world case studies, helping you create an action plan you can take back to the workplace. 

If you’re a senior manager or leader, and you’re responsible for change programmes or projects within your organisation, this change management training course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to positively influence change.

Course Detail

What you’ll learn

  • Recognise the current context of change
  • Plan change activities to meet the strategic objectives of the business
  • Establish clear measures of success and outcomes for change programs
  • Assess the need for restructuring to achieve business objectives
  • Recognise the importance of innovation within the context of change and growth
  • Review how motivation and performance is affected by change
  • Create a communication strategy for change programs
  • Assess your impact as leader in maintaining change within your organisation

What’s covered

What is change?

  • Understanding what change is
  • Why change happens

Achieving strategic goals

  • How do change activities align to the business strategy?
  • Establishing prioritisation across change activities

Measures of success

  • Clarifying a clear future state towards
  • Clear checkpoints and warning signs

Organising for change

  • Establishing current state of your business
  • Recognising strengths and opportunities
  • Competitive analysis of performance
  • Removing organisational barriers to change

Enabling innovation for change

  • Customer understanding and focus
  • Innovation process in action

Aligning resources to achieve change goals

  • Aligning strengths to opportunities
  • Proofs of success and when to intervene

Motivation and vision for change

  • Creating a compelling vision of the future
  • Understanding team motivation
  • Enabling high performance during change

Communication during change

  • What impacts communication and understanding
  • Developing a clear communication strategy
  • Recognising how motivation disappears

Learning plan for action steps

  • Case study of change programs – building on successes and failures
  • Putting the learning in place
  • Developing an action plan for managing your team during change
2 DayCrawley£770.00+VAT