Working in a Changing Environment Course

Gain the skills to use a changing environment to your advantage

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When your working environment goes through a period of significant change, it can be daunting – perhaps even worrying. You may be unsure as to how you’ll be affected or where you’ll fit into the new structure.

We guide you through all the stages – from understanding what change is and why it is necessary, to looking at its benefits – and how you can handle change in a proactive way that ultimately creates a positive experience.

If you’re a team member in a changing workplace, this course will give you the knowledge and guidance to help you through that period of change and enable you to work it to your advantage.

Course Detail

What you’ll learn

By the end of the programme you’ll be able to:

  • Identify why change comes about and why organisations need change to survive and flourish
  • Recognise the impact of change on individuals, teams and organisations
  • Understand best-practice communication strategies to help you raise questions for management
  • Plan and prepare for change activities that affect you
  • Create a proactive approach to dealing with change programmes
  • Adopt a positive mental state while involved in change programmes
  • Develop your ability to minimise the negative impact of change

What’s covered

What is change?

  • Understanding what change is
  • Why change needs to happen for organisations to meet present and future demands

The benefits of change

  • The various impacts of change on society, organisations and individuals

Embracing a change mindset

  • Recognising and appreciating the benefits of change
  • Moving out of your comfort zone and managing your emotions

Understanding the change curve

  • Understanding the process of change and how it affects people and organisations
  • Examining the timeframe of change programmes

Developing plans to handle change better

  • Planning for change
  • Being able to influence change activities
  • Developing an awareness of internal and external change factors
  • Recognising limitations and learning to live with them
  • Raising questions aimed at change ambassadors/managers

Managing time during change

  • Prioritising work to get the right things done at the right time


  • Communication as a key to pain-free change
  • Opening up your network to see the bigger picture

Learning plan for action steps

  • Developing an action plan to embrace change
1 DayCrawley£0.00+VAT