Personal Development Training Courses

A range of courses designed and delivered by our experts

As we grow throughout our careers we learn the ways of the organisations for which we work – how they need us to work, prioritise, be efficient and effective. We rarely learn to say no and are never taught how to manage or control our emotions, time and stresses.

At Thales Learning & Development our range of Personal Development programmes and courses help build the confidence required to say no. We enable people to deal with difficult situations and problematic people. We help you or your team understand the benefits and needs of persuasion or influence to achieve results in a competitive business environment. We’ll educate in how to improve time and stress management, increase creativity and develop assertiveness.

Our Personal Development courses are designed and delivered by our expert L&D Consultants, exceptionally knowledgeable in their field and hand chosen by us for their advanced experience and their ability to communicate to people in a detailed, informative and above all, engaging way.

Tailored Personal Development Training Courses

All Thales Learning & Development Personal Development Courses can be designed and delivered specifically to meet the learning requirements of your people. A tailored Evolve programme provides groups of individuals or teams with the opportunity to gain new capabilities and skills that will benefit them personally and deliver better working practices within your business.

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