The Art of Influence and Conflict Management

The Art of Influence and Conflict Management

2 DayCrawley£850.00+VAT

The ability to influence others and manage conflict is a valuable business skill that can have a profoundly positive impact on your working life.

The first day of this two-day experiential programme focuses on tried-and-tested theories and powerful techniques. The second day provides you with the opportunity to put them into practice with a team of actors in a safe, relaxed and fun environment, where you’ll receive plenty of constructive feedback.

If you have at least two years’ management experience, welcome feedback on your style and approach, and enjoy different ways of doing things, this management training course will enhance your current ability.

Course Detail

What you’ll learn:

By the end of the programme you’ll be able to:

  • Identify your current style and how to build a more proactive and strategic approach
  • Be able to utilise new techniques to enhance your influencing skills
  • Use listening and questioning skills to identify others’ motivational drivers
  • Apply different techniques for pre-empting and handling conflict
  • Build confidence in dealing with other people and cultures positively
  • Leave with an action plan to implement on return to work

What’s covered

Establishing your existing level of influence

• Identifying what you already have at your fingertips

Approaches for influencing others
• Choice of methods
• Strategically selecting the right blend of techniques
• The importance of attitude

Key skills for influencing
• Listening to gain real understanding
• Questioning for clarity
• Know yourself and build rapport
• Building relationships, trust and credibility

Influencing in groups
• Techniques for influencing at meetings
• How to gain support
• Networking

Handling conflict
• Identifying reasons for resistance
• Judging the right approach
• Techniques for giving bad news and handling conflict

Being more resourceful when dealing with issues
• Identifying a range of options to deal with the situation
• Understanding tricks played by your aggressor
• Dealing with your own emotions

Action planning 
• Identifying individual action plans following actor performance and personal role play

2 DayCrawley£850.00+VAT