Assertiveness – Developing Personal Effectiveness Course

1 Day

People tend to fail in their interactions with others because they are either too submissive or too aggressive. Being assertive, without being aggressive, will increase your chance of success in any human interaction.

We look at a range of theories and techniques that will enhance the way in which you interact with people and make you more assertive, ultimately changing the way you think and behave. We will also help you create a personal strategy to take back to the workplace.

If you would like to improve your personal effectiveness through communication, and build your confidence, and you’ve had little or no formal learning in the area, this assertiveness training course will enable you to achieve that.

What you’ll learn

  • Recognise and define assertiveness and its benefits
  • Explain the differences between aggressive, non-assertive and assertive behaviour
  • Have an awareness of why we behave the way we do and when that behaviour is counterproductive know what to do about it
  • Be aware of the impact of non-verbal communication in projecting a positive image
  • Use a variety of different language techniques to put their message across

What’s covered

Identifying and recognising our own and others behavioural style

  • Recognising behaviour through the key elements
  • Body language
  • Words
  • Tone of voice

Defining assertiveness and its benefits

  • Clearly defining assertiveness and its characteristics
  • Identifying the pros and cons of the different behaviour styles
  • Understanding the difference between aggression and assertion

Changing the way we think

  • Having an awareness of why we behave the way we do
  • Appreciating how we tend to gear our behaviour towards our feelings as opposed to the outcome we want
  • Appreciating how hard it is to break our existing behaviour patterns and why that is
  • Changing the way we think through the rights we give ourselves

Changing the way we behave

  • Enhancing assertion through our non-verbal communication
  • Using techniques to get our message across assertively
  • Practical sessions
  • Opportunities to turn theory into action

Completion of a personal strategy to help individuals take the necessary steps to implement and cement the learning

A bespoke course, at a venue and date of your choice.

Talk to us about setting up a course that is tailor made for you. GET IN TOUCH

Customer Testimonials

Excellent. Made the training enjoyable and kept everyone included at all times. 

UK Power Networks

Mike Davies

Course Leader

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