Powerful Presentations Using PowerPoint

Powerful Presentations Using PowerPoint

For many people, presenting is an integral part of their working life - but it can be a daunting experience. Learning how to present in a confident and structured way can engage your audience more effectively and give your message more impact.

We show you some key tools and techniques that will improve the way you present, with the opportunity to practice two presentations on the day and receive constructive feedback. 

If you’re an inexperienced presenter who wants to build their confidence in delivering presentations to groups, this presentation skills training course will enhance your current ability. 

Course Detail

What you’ll learn

By the end of the programme you’ll be able to:

  • Give presentations with greater confidence and effectiveness
  • Use a systematic approach to planning and preparing a presentation
  • Practice presentation techniques
  • Use visual aids effectively
  • Use delivery techniques to enhance professionalism

What’s covered

Structuring presentations

  • Preparation prior to writing and delivering presentations
  • Understanding who you are delivering to objectives of your presentation
  • Locations and timing issues when presenting
  • How to devise a clear structure to attract and hold audience attention

Personal delivery style

  • The correct approach for presentations
  • Use of visual, vocal and verbal elements when presenting
  • How to avoid classic presentation errors

PowerPoint slides

  • Recognising inappropriate use of PowerPoint for presenting
  • Improving use of animation, images, bullets, text

Practice presentations and feedback

  • Opportunity to deliver two presentations during the day
  • Feedback on strengths/areas for development