Amy Slater

TLD is very much a customer-focused environment, and it’s one of the friendliest places I’ve ever worked - there’s a really good team atmosphere, with everyone pulling together to ensure the best outcomes for our customers.

 Amy’s Work

I deal with our external customers as well as international Thales bookings, dealing with queries and scheduling training plans. It’s all about working together as a team and juggling people’s requirements in the most effective way possible. 

How you can work with Amy

Working in customer support means I get to directly influence the experience of the customers who work with us, and it’s important to me that I provide the very best level of service I can to everyone who gets in touch.

Amy’s Interests

Family and friends are important to me, and I’m a massive Zumba fanatic. We recently raised over £2000 for charity by getting 120 people doing a mass Zumba session at the same time. I like doing other things for charity, too, like the Race for Life, and the St. Catherine’s Hospice midnight walks. 

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