Chris Johnston

In essence I help clients run projects more effectively by enabling their staff to become better project managers.

Chris’ Work

I’ve had a very varied career; having taught myself programming I worked in software development for several years, before graduating to team leader, and then into project management.  I later moved to Italy where I lived and worked for a year, supporting a start-up as a management consultant.

In my current role as an L&D Consultant for the Project Management capability I help shape the development of project management competencies and consult with customers to help them develop a more effective project management capability.  In addition I am also involved in training delivery and professional certification.

How you can work with Chris

A key part of my role is consulting with businesses to understand where their needs lie, and how we can deliver a programme that will meet these.  I am really excited to be able to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential and maximise the talent they have and enjoy working with organisations that recognise the benefits a competent and confident PM function can have on business outcomes.

Chris’ Interests

I am heavily involved with my local community and church activities, and I often get the chance to help out with youth groups and other good causes.  I’m also a big music fan, and I play guitar and sing; I love watching and playing sports when I can, and I’m a huge fan of the TV show The West Wing, so that’s my go to when I need a something a bit less active.

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