Chris Steer

It’s important to be able to call upon a number of different skills in order to provide a properly bespoke package for our customers.

Chris’ Work

My focus is on management and leadership – working in a consultative way with our customers to find out what they need in terms of management and leadership development, what we can do for them, and then putting together learning interventions and evaluations on the back of that.

My role involves a wide range of disciplines, from designing and developing courses, to coaching and 360 feedback, to psychometric testing.

How you can work with Chris

I like to work with organisations that can see the long term benefits in people development, not just for the business but for the employee too.  I have a particular interest in group dynamics, and enjoy being involved in helping bring a group or team together and help them work more cohesively.  I enjoy getting to work with organisations and individuals who are willing to get actively involved in their development, and who are eager to succeed.

Chris’ Interests

I live in Brighton, so I’m never short of interesting things to do, but I’m really into music, films and sport, and spending time with my family.

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