Danny Roberts

The ultimate end goal is for a customer to say their business is better off because of something we have partnered with them on. 

Danny’s Work

My role here is to consult with customers, working with them to create truly bespoke managed service solutions that are a result of having genuinely listened to their needs.

Taking a consultative approach means we are able to undertake an in-depth review of a customer’s learning and development function, then provide a relevant and useful outsourcing service that improves effectiveness, efficiency, and economies, and enhances their ability to evaluate the impact of L&D on their business.

How you can work with Danny

Helping organisations to achieve a smoother L&D experience for their staff is a key part of my role; one of the most important elements is helping businesses to not only achieve their existing training needs, but also helping them to explore the overarching goals of the business, and offering support in developing plans that enable real growth and employee development. In order to do this I enjoy working in partnership with customers to understand what they want to achieve.

Danny’s Interests

Cycling is a key interest of mine, and I regularly enter races. I also enjoy other outdoor pursuits like mountain biking, tennis, mountain walking, or even just walking the dogs.

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