Eleanor Bruce

I love that new ideas and creativity are encouraged, and that change is constantly occurring for the benefit of our customers.

Eleanor’s Work

I currently work as the Content Writer here at TLD.  This is an extremely varied position but revolves around creating original and insightful content to publish on our website as well as for external publications.  Having not come directly from an L&D background I work closely with the rest of the team to ensure that the content I write is accurate and relevant to our audience, and the feedback I get from my colleagues is vital to make our content great.  So far I have had the opportunity to contribute to our in-house magazine; Enhance, interview industry experts, write blogs and write content for some well-known organisations on TLD’s behalf. 

How you can work with Eleanor

I enjoy being able to keep our customers informed about the changing landscape of L&D, and being able to spread the word about the work we do to help people develop.

Eleanor’s Interests

I don’t have any specific hobbies but am always keen to try new things, I’ve done rock climbing, ballet and knitting to name a few, but my main interest is travel;  I love being able to see new places and understand things from a new perspective. 

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