Eliza Thorns

I like that in my role I am able to interact with delegates, and enjoy meeting and helping new people every day.

Eliza’s Work

My role as Customer Operations Co-ordinator is a very varied one; my primary responsibility is making sure the delegates who train with us have the best experience possible.  In order to help achieve this I am responsible for a variety of tasks including handling catering requirements, managing maintenance requests, setting up the rooms for trainers and generally offering support wherever needed.  It is a very diverse role and priorities often change on short notice, so I have to be ready to take on a new task at a moment’s notice, and think of solutions to unexpected issues.  I spend a lot of time working with the rest of the team and making sure that everything is running smoothly, and that the individuals training with us are having an enjoyable experience and are getting the most from their learning. 

How you can work with Eliza

I enjoy working in a fast paced environment, where I have the opportunity to really challenge myself, while still having the chance to support our customers and provide them with the best experience.

Eliza’s Interests

I really enjoy running, I’m part of a local running group, and also recently completed the 5K Colour Obstacle Rush.  I also like going to the cinema whenever I can, and I have a pug so spend a lot of time out walking with her.

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