Emma Ross

I enjoy the fact that every customer at TLD is different, and the diversity is great.  It also means that I’m always learning something new, which I love.

Emma’s Work

My role is very customer focussed, as an L&D advisor I have to work with our customers to make sure their training needs are always being met and that they are constantly receiving the high level of service we pride ourselves on.  I work with two very well-known and high profile clients, helping with every aspect of the training needs including; pricing, bookings, assessing training plans, organising materials, managing transportation of delegates and supporting the training team. 

How you can work with Emma

I enjoy being able to get to know the customers I work with and it’s this interaction that motivates me to go the extra mile for our customers and help make sure they reach their goals. 

Emma’s Interests

One of my major interests is tennis; I enjoy playing and have also done some coaching.  Aside from tennis I love being able to spend time with my friends and family or relax with a good book.

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