Gail Gurton

TLD is great environment to work in. The people here are really motivated to do a good job for our customers. We’re a growing business, and it feels like everyone wants to work hard to make it work.

Gail’s Work

In addition to reporting and producing figures, I’m responsible for invoicing, raising credits, and dealing with any number of finance-related queries from our customers.

I’m also PA to our MD, Rachel Kay, which means arranging meetings for her, managing her diary and responding to messages. 

How you can work with Gail

I’ve always enjoyed working with numbers, and enjoy being able to support our business and our customers, where needed, in understanding the financial side of what we do.

Gail’s Interests

After my daughter, my biggest interest has to be exercising. I’ve taken part in a few triathlons, and I’m always looking for the next challenge to take on!

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