Helen Brass

My aim is to support all our clients and their employees throughout their journey with TLD to ensure they have an exceptional learning experience.  It can be a complex and challenging role, but we usually approach our challenges with a smile on our face!

Helen’s Work

My role encompasses a number of operational functions that support the smooth running of TLD. I am responsible for the management of the Business Support Team who take care of the training centre in Crawley to ensure it provides a safe and supportive environment for delegates attending events and are responsible for the maintenance and development of our business systems. I also lead the Customer Support Teams to ensure we deliver an outstanding service to all internal and external customers.

How you can work with Helen

As the Head of Operations it is my responsibility to ensure that the overall running of TLD and the processes put in place meet the needs of our customers, and enable TLD to deliver the best possible service.  It’s important I am able to respond quickly to any issues; I’m always keen to receive feedback from customers on any aspects they feel need improvement and I enjoy interacting with our customers to get this dialogue.

Helen’s Interests

Having moved to the South East from Northumberland I am enjoying getting out and about exploring the area.  I also love going to the movies, and am a big foodie so I enjoy being able to go out for dinner when I can.  I am also very passionate about travel and seeing new places.

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