Jenny Naiff

I’m immensely proud to work for the Thales Group. It’s a great company to work for, and the best thing about TLD specifically is that, while we have the support of a huge organisation, we also have the autonomy to support our customers in the ways they need.

Jenny’s Work

As businesses are increasingly focusing on the digital landscape, it’s important that TLD keeps up with that and has a strong digital footprint of its own. The combination of my marketing background and digital experience meant I was the right person to come on board and help TLD achieve that.

In addition to the digital side, I look after all our other marketing activities – from branding and advertising, to materials and events – looking at our overall marketing strategy, and making sure we’re understanding our marketplace and promoting ourselves in the right way.

How you can work with Jenny

While most of my work is focused on raising the profile of Thales L&D to the external market, I am fortunate enough to also work with some of our customers on branding of materials and developing full scaled L&D marketing strategies for their internal business.

Jenny’s Interests

Being a mum, my main interest is making sure the dog doesn’t eat the chocolate pancake my daughter throws on the floor! (And I don’t have time for much else.)

My biggest passion is music – whether it’s writing, listening, watching or performing. Nowadays however I sing or perform more Disney than Dylan, much to the delight of my daughter.

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