Liz Jaggers

I like the innovative programmes we offer, and our willingness to introduce new types of training we’ve never offered before. It’s great to be able to capture the imagination of our customers, and we’re not afraid to go outside of what we’ve done previously to achieve that.

Liz’s Work

I spend my time liaising with external stakeholders, communicating with them about their different training needs. I also work closely with our Head of Business Development, building and maintaining relationships with customers, making sure everything runs as it’s supposed to and that they’re happy with the service they’re getting.

How you can work with Liz

I enjoy working closely with customers to ensure they are getting the very best level of service, and achieving the outcomes they want through what we offer.

Liz’s Interests

I’m Vice Chairman of a children’s charity for underprivileged & special needs children. We take the children out on trips that they wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to go on. We even bring their family along in some cases so they can enjoy the experience together.

It’s amazing what a positive impact the trips can have on some of the children, and we get some really lovely thank you letters from them. 

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