Lucy Finney

I am really excited about being able to use my skills and experience to help organisations achieve more and take real steps to develop their people.

Lucy’s Work

My role is considerably diverse and what I do varies from day to day.  But the main focus is to offer a highly bespoke consultancy service to organisations that require support in maximising their effectiveness.  This can take many forms but what I specialise in is offering high level strategic consultancy in the field of business change, Organisational Development, and Leadership and Management.  Due to the need for really specific programme development, I often have to spend  time  working closely with customers to scope the requirement and  ensure I (and they) fully understand what it is they are trying to achieve, why they want to achieve this, and how to make it happen.

How you can work with Lucy

With over 30 years in the training field I’ve worked with a wealth of industries, helping to design and deliver L&D programmes tailored to the specific needs of the business and individual, as well as specialist, embedded support helping to drive organisational development and performance.  My main passion is using true innovation, creative problem solving and design thinking to help organisations manage complex challenges and large-scale change.  I enjoy working in partnership with organisations that are serious about making lasting changes to their structure, process and culture, while still recognising the need for robust and strategically focussed L&D programmes to support this transition.

Lucy’ Interests

My main passion in life is travel and taking the time to meet different cultures and try new things.  I recently completed a two year travel adventure where I decide to complete 50 different activities in a whole range of countries, this ranged from snake charming in Morocco to driving the Nashville music route in the USA.

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