Madeleine Halliwell

What we offer goes deeper than simply selling a product – we look at the customer’s strategy, understand it, and then make sure we’re providing a high-quality, efficient service off the back of that.

Madeleine’s Work

I am currently responsible for managing our managed service customers’ requirements – understanding what they are looking to achieve and working with external and internal resources to support their goals.

Working closely with specific customers, it is my responsibility to manage the complete training needs for them, covering everything from helping to develop training plans, overseeing the quality and timely provision of procurement, bookings, escalation of queries and accuracy of the invoicing for her customers.  I also enjoy finding and supplying supplementary information on potentially suitable courses, as well as industry insights, looking at the latest trends in both learning and development, and also the sectors my customer work in.

How you can work with Madeleine

Having worked on the customer’s behalf in account management roles, and also managed my own business, I feel I have developed good insight into the strategic needs of different organisations.  I’m eager to work with organisations that are open to exploring their L&D challenges and taking a deeper look at the benefits that a well-honed professional programme can have for employees and the wider business.

Madeleine’s Interests

My dog – an 8-year-old boxer I adopted last year. I also love being active, whether it’s swimming or running, or something more adventurous like skiing or scuba diving.

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