Maria Albrow

I really like the fact as a business TLD is constantly moving forward and actively promotes change and improvement both internally and for our customers.

Maria’s Work

At TLD I work in a small sub-team as a Customer Operations Co-ordinator which involves supporting the wider TLD team in providing the best learning experience to customers.  As such I am responsible for a wide range of tasks including helping to organise catering, materials and equipment for delegates, as well as assist with the set-up of training rooms and resolving any issues for the trainers.  This includes learning the systems and how to use the technology TLD use to deliver training, so I can offer assistance in setting it up.  I am also on hand to handle any enquiries from delegates and my ultimate responsibility is to make sure they have a smooth and enjoyable experience at TLD.

How you can work with Maria

I love helping people on their learning journey and working closely with the rest of the TLD team to make sure we offer a great experience to all of our customers.

Maria’s Interests

My big passion is travel, I love being able to see new places and experience different cultures.  I make it my mission to travel as much as possible and have already been fortunate enough to visit some incredible places such as USA, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.  When I’m not jet-setting I enjoy going to the gym, and spending time with friends and family.  I’m also in the process of renovating my first house so that takes us a lot of my time. 

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