Mark Eagle

I’m passionate about learning and development, and I love seeing other people develop and grow.

Mark’s Work

I consult with customers to help unearth their learning needs, and I also deliver the suite of management and leadership L&D programmes that TLD offers, but infused with my own experience, bringing it to life in a way that people can buy into. It’s about working with people, helping them improve their own skill-set and making them more capable in their role.

It’s the ‘oh, I get it’ moments that I enjoy most, when you’ve shown somebody a new way of doing something and they see that it really works.

How you can work with Mark

During my career in L&D I’ve had exposure to a wide range of businesses of all sizes, representing various sectors.  This experience has helped me develop a keen insight into the developments needs of different organisations.  I particularly enjoy working with organisations that are keen to create a partnership and work in collaboration to develop the most appropriate solutions for their business needs.  I’ve had particular expertise in developing leadership pathways, addressing common issues such as people management, negotiation, communication and conflict management, and enjoy working with employees at all levels, helping them to build their skills and confidence within the workplace.

Mark’s Interests

I love to travel, and I’m a big music fan, going to gigs as often as I can. I’m also an animal lover (I’ve got five cats and a dog at home!), and I do volunteer work for cat protection, looking after lost or stray cats and helping to re-home them.



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