Matt Toye

I like the fact that we are a well sized consultancy supported by a larger company, it allows for much more agility and control over our autonomy in what we offer, while still having that support and stability.

Matt’s Work

As a Customer Support Team Leader I am responsible for making sure that my team have the resources, support and skills to offer the best possible service to each and every customer we work with, ensuring that their learning and development needs can be fully met and actualised. But my role here at TLD is really about helping the team I manage become their best and achieve their potential, empowering them to more effectively help the customers we work with. This involves finding ways to optimise processes, offering support and guidance to individual team members, and helping them to grow their confidence in handling the ever present changes and challenges that come their way. As an experienced manager, my favourite part of the job is seeing the growth in those I manage, and seeing the positive impact this change has on the wider business, and more importantly, the customers we support.

 How you can work with Matt

I enjoy being able to use my skills to help build effective teams, deliver coaching and supporting better working processes, so that our customers can enjoy a more seamless learning experience.

Matt’s Interests

With 2 young children the majority of my time is spent with my family, although we enjoy getting out as much as we can, whether it’s camping, walking or cycling. I really enjoy being active and have in the past completed a marathon and several long distance bike rides.

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