Mike Davies

I am increasingly trying to move to more innovative and experiential learning, I believe that this, coupled with increasing digital learning as a complement to, not a replacement for face to face work is the way to enhance people’s learning experiences and ultimately make it more effective.

Mike’s Work

I work with my customers to identify ways we can support their business and teams. That could be by designing and delivering leadership learning interventions, facilitating innovative project launches, consulting on developing team values, creating development and assessment centres to measure performance and potential or developing talent pathways.

It’s very motivational for me to watch people and teams develop and grow, the ultimate success factor for anyone involved in Learning and Development in my opinion is to have developed people who go on to great  success. I’ve helped support many people over many years to achieve that and that gives me the excitement and reward I need.

One of the things that have come to define me in my role is the need to look for new and interesting ways of making learning “stick”. How do we ensure communication raises its head from behind the laptop and is cohesive in a fast moving environment – with one IS/IT function I introduced Bollywood dancing as an activity in a development programme where a group of novices ultimately choreographed their own routines.

In summary, my client, a senior manager in the organisation said “Wouldn’t it be great if all our communication and decision making could be that clear and concise – that’s something we are taking away as an action” 

How you can work with Mike

I particularly enjoy being able to innovate and be creative when designing interventions, and as such I appreciate working alongside organisations that are open to that and that can see the value in taking staff outside of  their comfort zones to promote accelerated learning. 

Mike’s Interests

I’m a massive sports fan – but I’m particularly interested in rugby. I love to travel, and I go to overseas rugby matches whenever I can.

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