Nick Jordan

My real-world experience means I can deliver my programmes with credibility – communicating effectively with people at every level in a business, moulding raw talent and getting the best out of new or inexperienced managers.

Nick’s Work

I’ve worked in learning and development for a number of years – designing, developing and delivering regional and national training programmes across the entire training cycle – from learning needs analysis to evaluation.

I specialise in management development and human resources training, integrating the behavioural and cognitive techniques I’ve learnt as a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner to enhance the delegates’ learning abilities. I create a fun but challenging workshop that promotes innovative thinking and really stretches the learner – pushing them to their limits and leaving a lasting imprint.  I’m also the lead consultant on an on-going project for Thales UK apprentices with the Outward Bound Trust. We take them to the Lake District, really putting them through their paces and the positive impact it’s had on them has been huge. 

How you can work with Nick

I am keen to use my knowledge and expertise to work alongside organisations that are as passionate about people development as I am. In particular I enjoy being able to work with apprentices and junior staff, to help them get a good grounding in the essential skills needed to succeed in the workplace.   

Nick’s Interests

I love driving, and hill walking, and I’m a keen photographer.

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