Nicky Fathers


I started my career in a number of customer service-focused roles for companies such as British Airways and Hilton Hotels before working for a software house within the travel industry. During this time I tested software, which also involved supporting and training customers. 

The mix of my customer service and testing backgrounds fits nicely into a training environment. 

Current role

I’m part of the IT Capabilities team. Primavera is my speciality, and the subject that I deliver most of my training on. In addition to designing and launching new training programmes, I also get inside the classroom and deliver courses to both internal and external customers.

It’s not all about developing and delivering, though – I also get in front of our customers, consulting with them to find out what their needs are and helping them implement the right training. 

What I like about working for TLD

The people here make the company, but it’s also a rewarding job in the sense that I get a lot out of helping other people. You see people come in with no skills, maybe they’ve never even used the software, and by the time they’ve finished the training they’re able to take something back that they can use day to day. You really feel that you’ve made a difference. 


I’ve become a real foodie – I love cooking and eating good food, and I like good wine, too!