Rachel Allen

My passion is to help individuals identify their strengths and to build development action plans that support organisational as well as individual growth. I get excited by working alongside individuals and companies to find new ways to develop their talent and skillset that meet their bespoke/specific/peculiar needs.

Rachel’s Work

I currently work as the Head of Organisational Development Capability at TLD and am responsible for setting and developing the overall strategy for the team. This includes managing and maintaining the current prospectus of courses, as well as working with the L&D consultants and management teams to develop and implement new courses and learning strategies. By working closely with each business to fully understand their visions and goals, and working internally to ensure that TLD has the capacity and ability to deliver the desired outcomes.

How you can work with Rachel

I really love helping people identify their natural strengths and abilities, and working in partnership with individuals to help develop these.  I enjoy finding solutions to complex problems and am able to adapt to new and unexpected situations.  With experience in a wide range of sectors I like to be able to modify my approach to suit the needs of any type of business, and relish the opportunity to work with new industries, to learn their processes and really dig deep to work out how to improve performance at all levels. 

Rachel’s Interests

With a husband and two teenage children, much of my time is spent with them and supporting them to achieve their goals, but I also enjoy other pursuits such as walking in the local countryside and seeing new places. I go sailing with the family, in the summer, as often as I can.

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