Rachel Kay

Our challenge for the future will be ensuring we’re effectively delivering against the 70:20:10 model, where only 10% of learning takes place in the classroom, with 70% focused on experiential elements. Such an approach would transform the way learning is developed and delivered, making it more about impactful experience than anything else.

Rachel’s Work

I manage nearly 70 people across multiple sites, and one of my key responsibilities is ensuring L&D budgets are spent wisely. That means ensuring there is a good balance in terms of the type of learning we’re implementing. Compliance-led interventions are important, but it is equally important to give enough weight to the professional development side of L&D, looking at how we can develop talent and drive positive organisational change. I’m also tasked with developing the L&D strategy for Thales UK, and working across the globe to ensure Thales has a joined up L&D function internationally.

How you can work with Rachel

We are a commercial business operating in an extremely competitive market, where L&D budgets are largely stagnant, but as budgets become freer with the upturn in the economy – which we are now seeing happen – we can move towards more impactful interventions such as talent management and organisational transformation. To support that, I have to make sure my direct reports are properly equipped to enable their teams to do their job, but I also have to work closely with our customers and the wider industry to ensure I understand what it is that is needed.

Rachel’s Interests

I have two children, so my hobbies are generally whatever their hobbies are. But when I have the time I enjoy theatre and film, and running to keep fit.



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