Richard Harker

I like being able to teach people things that they can actually put to use at work and enjoy seeing those ‘eureka’ moments when you show someone how to use software in a completely new or different way. The more you teach people, the keener they get, and it’s great to be part of that.

Richard’s Work

Aside from supporting our internal teams here with any Excel queries, a large part of my time is spent in the classroom delivering IT learning programmes. I also do consultancy work with our customers, particularly around e-learning and Microsoft Excel, learning about their requirements and helping to devise the most appropriate solutions to meet these.

I am also one of TLD’s e-learning design experts, assisting customers in understanding the potential of e-learning, and exploring when it is (and isn’t) the right option, and then designing interventions that have maximum impact.  I also tutor businesses on how to use e-learning design packages so they can own the process themselves.

How you can work with Richard

All the programs I teach people are ones I have actually used on the job, so I can properly relate to the challenges my delegates are facing, and tailor my training to give them knowledge that will genuinely help them back at their job.  When it comes to programs like Excel, it’s all about getting people to understand how data works. I like to start things from scratch and build the database up, to show people what a huge difference it can make when done properly.

Richard’s Interests

I enjoy photography, and I’m also a 3rd Dan black belt in Jujitsu.

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