Rob Deacon

Being a Key Account Manager is a really exciting and rewarding role - I get to work with some big names, and I enjoy being a part of their learning and development journey.

Rob’s Work

As a Key Account Manager for TLD my main responsibility is acting as a conduit between the customer and the training team.  In essence I make sure that when a customer contacts us with a training request, they get exactly what they need.  Sometimes this means helping them to figure out what it is exactly that they want, and how they can achieve it, and sometimes it is dealing with last minute requests to make sure the training runs smoothly and efficiently.  It’s a very diverse environment, and I have to be flexible to keep up with the ever changing demands, but I enjoy working with different customers to build and maintain relationships.  In addition to representing the customer, I also have to work closely with the rest of the team to match the customer’s needs with our capability.   It’s exciting as I get to work with some big names, and I enjoy being a part of their learning and development journey.

How you can work with Rob

I am keen to work with organisations that are looking to work in partnership with TLD, and that appreciate the benefits that a good L&D strategy can bring about for their people as well as the business.  By using a collaborative approach, I am able to ensure that not only do customers have access to the training that is right for them, but this targeted approach also ensures they are spending their L&D budgets in the most efficient way, helping to save them money, as well as contributing to future growth.

Rob’s Interests

I enjoy keeping fit and rugby is my main passion.  But with a growing family I also love being able to spend time with them.

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