Sarah Rudder

I bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to all learning activities I’m involved in, and like to help people challenge themselves. 

Sarah’s Work

As a Learning and Development Consultant for the Management and Leadership team, I work closely with businesses to really understand the challenges they face, designing and delivering bespoke learning interventions to support them in overcoming these challenges.  I have extensive experience of working with managers at all levels, and I enjoy working with senior managers and exploring the dynamics of an organisation.  I’m also a qualified coach again working at all levels of organisations and really enabling people to be the best they can be.  I’m very passionate about the topics of resilience, stress management and mental toughness because I believe that these can be applied and used in the workplace to help create a more productive and more successful workforce.   

How you can work with Sarah

I really enjoy having the opportunity to work with senior managers and exploring the group dynamics of an organisation.  I offer a thoughtful but engaging approach to development to ensure that employees are offered the right level of support for their needs.  Mental health, resilience and wellbeing are particular passions of mine and I enjoy working with individuals and organisations who appreciate the need to develop their resilience and ability to deal with stress more effectively.

Sarah’s Interests

I’m an adventurer in life, learning and laughter.  A dog owner, traveller, hiker, wild camper, foodie, yogi and bookworm. And the rest of the time I work with businesses and people to help them be the best they can be.

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