Sarah Tucker

The main thing I like about TLD is the people – it’s a really nice atmosphere, people are very flexible and always open to new ideas.

Sarah’s Work

I now work as a business systems analyst, primarily working on our internal systems. In this capacity I have to release relevant updates, test and report on how well the systems are working, and fix issues where appropriate. Because I work on our internal systems, I tend to work closely with colleagues who use these on a frequent basis, understanding any challenges they’re facing and helping to make things as efficient as possible. However some of the systems are also used by our customers, so there will be times when I have to liaise with customers if they are experiencing issues or have any technical questions. It’s a really nice role because it’s so diverse and there’s always something new to learn.

How you can work with Sarah

Over time I have had the opportunity to become involved with supporting the business and managing some of our key IT systems.  I enjoy being able to support colleagues and customers in understanding and using essential systems more effectively.


I love going out for walks, and spending time with friends and family.

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