Steve Wright

Throughout my career, whatever type of work I’ve been doing, it has always been about the people for me. I’ve always believed that you have to enjoy not just your work, but also your surroundings and the colleagues you work with, and TLD definitely provides that environment.

Steve’s Work

I’m responsible for managing the preferred supplier list for TLD and our managed service partners. A large part of my role is building solid relationships with suppliers, and negotiating rates that are commercially beneficial to both our customers and us.

As our managed service business has grown, with new and bigger customers, so has the breadth and diversity of our suppliers – so the ability to establish and streamline new processes is essential.  We are also constantly evolving the range of learning solutions we can offer, which means I get to explore new options and connect with new suppliers on a regular basis.

How you can work with Steve

I like the fact that my role allows me to be involved in every aspect of the business, and the businesses of our customers, and really see how they operate. I enjoy being involved in deciding on the right suppliers for our customers, and getting to meet innovative new companies.

Steve’s Interests

Outside of work I enjoy reading and watching sport.

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