Stuart Cull

Stuart webBackground

My first role was working for a major credit card provider as a personal account executive where I worked with very high profile card holders and provided customer support and a form of concierge service to make sure they had everything they needed.  After this I took some time to go travelling before taking a management role with a well-known entertainment retailer, this primarily involved customer service and managing the shop floor and a small team.  This experience then enabled me to undertake a sales manager role with a different arm of the same company and offered me more exposure to the sales side of things.  I then transitioned into yet another branch of the same company, this time in the travel sector, and was working as a customer service agent for pre-holiday enquiries.  After some time in this role I was able to combine my retail and customer service experience with my management experience and I began working in the sales support team, and was soon promoted to team leader. This role gave me the opportunity to explore the process side of things, as it was a relatively new venture for the company I had the opportunity to trail a range of new processes to help the business progress.  At the time we were supporting 117 stores and around 180 members of staff.  I enjoyed being able to see the impact of the changes we were making on the staff and the wider business, and that is something I enjoy here at TLD as well.

Current role

My role as L&D advisor is a diverse mix of customer service and organisation and planning.  I work primarily with one of our major customers and support them through the entire learning journey; I help them identify their training needs, deal with scheduling and booking and am ultimately responsible for helping them access the most appropriate training in the most cost-effective way.  It can be a very busy and sometime challenging role, but I also know that when people are seeking out training solutions, it can have a huge impact on their future career development.  I recognise that I have an important role to play in ensuring staff are able to access the training that will help them progress and enable them reach their career objectives, and that motivates me to do the best job I can.

What I love about working at TLD

“Working at TLD you can see how what you do impacts each customer and the business.  It’s fulfilling knowing that what you do has an impact.  I also really like the team’s work ethic and the fact that no matter who you are your voice can be heard”


I like keeping active, I’ve recently taken up running and karate, and I also like playing baseball when I get a chance.  Having worked in the travel sector for many years, I am also a huge travel fan and like globetrotting with my wife.