Suki Liu

Some of the projects I've supported have moved into the experiential learning arena – equine guided learning or fire fighting, for example.  It’s something a bit different; building up talent in exciting, outside-the-box ways as opposed to just traditional classroom learning. 

Suki’s Work

As project manager, I’m responsible for planning and organising all our training projects. That could include working on any number of internal Thales projects, as well as various projects for external customers. My role generally involves making sure everything is on track from a planning perspective, making sure communication is going out to all the correct people at the right time, and making sure all scheduling is done properly and that sign-off has been acquired where necessary.

I also get involved in bid management, having worked closely with our Head of Business Development to put an effective bid process in place, and I’ve helped put together our course design process.

How you can work with Suki

After 15 years on the pre-sale side, I enjoy having the opportunity to experience the post-sale process. There are lots of cross-transferable skills between the two professions, and I wanted to see what it was like to deliver something that had already been sold, and experience the full life cycle of the sale. 

Suki’s Interest

Most of my activities are focused around my  young son’s social life – he goes to more parties than I do! 

But I also love music, reading, and visiting national trust parks when I can.

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