Suki Liu

I enjoy being able to work on a diverse range of projects that ultimately make our customers’ learning journey more efficient and successful.

Suki’s Work

As a project manager I’ve been fortunate to get involved in a wide range of different projects for TLD.  Some of these have been internal projects to support our own capability, while others have been working directly for our customers,  implementing the delivery of  bespoke training programmes, for example.  I really enjoy working on L&D projects because there’s so much variety; I’ve helped roll-out classroom training, online programmes and experiential activities for our customers.  I’ve also been involved in a number of system implementation projects such as our LMS, scheduling tool and evaluation projects.  All of these are projects I’m proud of because they help us, and our customers, save time and money, while making learning more effective and efficient. 

How you can work with Suki

I really enjoy getting involved with all types of projects, but I have a particular passion for supporting the talent programmes that we run.  I love being able to see the journey that people go through and the positive changes they achieve by the end of it. I also like working on projects that allow me to interact with all areas of the business because that’s where I see the most effective results.

Suki’s Interest

Most of my activities are focused around my young son’s social life – he goes to more parties than I do! 

But I also love music, reading, and   going for long country walks when I can.  I am also a big fan of travel and have been lucky enough to visit some incredible places including Madagascar, Hong Kong and parts of  Europe.


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