Susan Howard

I believe it is important to gain a good understanding of our customers, and I achieve that by spending time embedding myself within their businesses.  Rather than simply selling training products ‘off the shelf’, we provide genuinely consultative and strategic input.

Susan’s Work

I lead the Technical & Digital Learning Solutions and Project Management Capability teams, which involves working closely with clients to provide learning solutions to fit their needs.  This includes designing and developing our range of programmes for Project Management and IT and Business Systems in line with the evolving needs of the marketplace, providing strategic input for the TLD business and exploring new and exciting training avenues and innovative ways to deliver them.  I work with customers to gain a solid grasp of their strategic goals and make sure we’re delivering solutions that absolutely meet their requirements.

How you can work with Susan

Having started my career in operational IT and systems roles I then moved into learning and development.  I have a wide breadth of skills and knowledge, not only in a technical capacity, but also in my ability to impart what I’ve learnt onto others and enhance the way they work.

One of my key strengths is the ability to quickly pick up new software and systems.  My technical experience means I genuinely understand my subject area, but it’s my passion and enthusiasm for helping people learn that drives me to constantly improve what we are delivering and make sure our customers are getting the best possible return on investment.

Susan’s Interests

I enjoy travelling to exotic destinations whenever I can, relaxing in the sun and taking in their history and culture.

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