Theresa Buckeridge

Everyone is driving towards one common goal, which is to be as good as we possibly can, and offer an outstanding service to our customers– there’s a real spirit of togetherness here. 

Theresa’s Work

I’m involved in the entire lifecycle of the projects we work on, so I’m responsible for managing various stakeholders, communicating effectively with them, developing and delivering project plans, and managing implementations in a way that means the business can carry on as usual.

How you can work with Theresa

My role is extremely diverse- from assisting with various IT systems rollouts, to working on alignment projects across all the Thales businesses, and supporting implementations for our managed service customers.

Theresa’s Interests

I love sports – I’ve been playing tennis and badminton since I was 10, and I run the ladies’ first team for my tennis club.

Living in Brighton, I’m never short of something interesting to do – I enjoy theatre and the arts, and I love eating out whenever I can. 

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