Tom Riley

I get the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in a practical way, by developing the training materials and content, while also helping to develop the skills of others.

Tom’s Work

My current role as a Systems Engineering Consultant is a diverse one where I work with both internal and external clients to deliver a range of bespoke and standardised courses including requirements engineering, system engineering principles, architecture, IVVQ, safety engineering and graduate engineering programmes across the UK and internationally. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of well-known organisations in the defence and civil infrastructure industries, and enjoy being able to help them find new and innovative ways to develop their employees and ensure they are working to the highest standards.

How you can work with Tom

Having worked with a number of large organisations in a diverse range of roles I feel confident in supporting any organisation seeking to develop their engineering capabilities.  My real-world engineering experience ensures I can make L&D programmes relevant and engaging for all delegates.  I like working with organisations that are constantly seeking to improve the skills of their workforce, enabling them to perform at the peak of the ability.

Tom’s Interests

I really enjoy being active and some of my main activities now include rugby, motorsports and rock climbing. I’m also a keen beekeeper with two hives at home, and I enjoy having time to play guitar (badly).

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