Tom Riley


I started my career as an engineering scientist; working as a senior scientist in the weapons field enabled me to later undertake a number of different roles in the MoD which is where I spent a large part of my early career. During this time I worked as a project manager in aerial targets, a safety lead for the development of lasers, and a system engineer where I produced guidance and models (in MOOD and Enterprise Architect) for System Engineering technical reviews, lifecycle management processes and the related roles and responsibilities. Following this opportunity for incredible professional development and diversification I was fortunate to be offered and accept a role as lecturer in system engineering at the University of Cranfield. Enjoying the teaching element but keen to also be able to use my skills in a more practical way I was excited to be able to take up my current role as a Systems Engineering Consultant at TLD.

Current role

My current role as a Systems Engineering Consultant is a diverse one where I get the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills in a practical way, by developing the training materials and content, while also helping to develop the skills of others. In my role I work with both internal and external clients to deliver a range of bespoke and standardised courses including requirements engineering, system engineering principles, architecture, IVVQ, safety engineering and graduate engineering programmes across the UK and internationally. I have had the opportunity to work with a number of well-known organisations in the defence and civil infrastructure industries, and enjoy being able to help them find new and innovative ways to develop their employees and ensure they are working to the highest standards. The other side of my role is about promoting wider engagement with existing and potential clients through meetings, working group engagement and attendance and presentations at appropriate conferences.

What I Love about Working at TLD

“I like being involved with people and helping to make things better if I can. I also love the fact that I learn just as much from delegates as they do from me. The people here are really good to work with and there’s a genuine attitude of wanting to do the right thing”.


I really enjoy being active and some of my main activities now include rugby, motorsports and rock climbing. I’m also a keen beekeeper with two hives at home, and I enjoy having time to play guitar (badly).