Visio – Professional Flowcharting and So Much More

Visio is an extremely powerful and versatile design tool. It can be used for a variety of different functions in business including organisation charts, network diagrams, workflows and office plans. Often overlooked while people fight to create diagrams in other tools not designed to create them, Visio gives you powerful functionally to create professional diagrams and charts quickly and easily.   It is probably one of the most underused packages that can provide so many benefits.

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Feature Course of the Month – SQL Advanced Queries

If you know the basics of SQL you might want to develop your knowledge of SQL a little further to build more complex queries. If you are familiar with inner, and outer joins you may well find that  this is not enough to extract what you need, or that you may need to do a couple of basic queries which you then export to Excel to analyse it there.

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How Prepared are You? Episode Two: An Ageing Workforce

With all the changes I see occuring, one of the questions I'm most interested in is: how are organisations preparing for the effective and empathic management of an ageing workforce in the years to come?

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How Prepared are you? Episode One: Migration

Looking at the challenges facing business over the next five years is staggering. In our new blog series we explore some of these challenges, the impact they could have, and what can be done to meet them head on. Our first blog in the series looks at the impact of Brexit and what it means for businesses. And we challenge you to ask yourself: How Prepared Are You?

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risk management

A New Era of Risk Management with Deltek Acumen Risk

For those of you involved in project risk management there are many tools out there that can help you, however finding a tool that combines schedule risk analysis, cost risk analysis and the risk register is a little rarer. Something that is easy to use and gets results quickly and in an easy to understand format is rarer still. So let me introduce Deltek Acumen Risk.

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What to do with Talent?

Once identified what do top organisations do with their talent to allow it to meet its full potential?  It can often take a brave organisation to throw their talent into the firing line and watch it grow or fade from the sidelines.

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Feature Technical & Digital Course of the Month – Excel Module 3 Data Analysis

Data Analytics, Data Analysis and Business Intelligence are key topics that are becoming increasingly important for businesses. Gone are the days where there were IT departments specifically tasked with doing this and more and more it is expected of individuals within functions. There are a lot of good BI and reporting tools out there but a lot of people resort to using Excel at some point as it is so versatile.

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Video: Enabling Effective Planning – a Summary

In the final video of the series Chris finishes off by sharing his summary of what the key compenents are for effective planning to happen.

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Why Choose AgilePM®?

Agile’s influence on the project management industry continues to rise at pace. More organisations and project professionals than ever are embracing Agile tools and frameworks as they aim to increase the success of – and return on investment from – projects and other change initiatives.

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