The Learning Challenge – Rachel Kay & Tobias Kiefer at Learning Technologies 2017

At the beginning of February our MD, Rachel Kay, was invited to speak at the annual Learning Technologies conference; one of the most well regarded events in the L&D calendar.  Taking to the stage, alongside Tobias Kiefer, Global Learning Leader at EY, they explore the ‘Learning Challenge’, each looking at a different aspect of this topic; watch their talk here.

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Lucy’s Kitbag Episode 13 – Psychometrics…It’s all about the Academic’s Model of choice!

What is a psychometric? The answer lies within the name; psycho means the 'mind' and metrics means 'measurement'.   The human mind has fascinated scientists since we first developed a sense of self and recognised that we tend to behave in certain ways, and there have been numerous developments in this field since then. 

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Levelling up your workforce isn’t all about gamification

With the rise of digital learning in recent years, online gamification has been heralded as the latest development in L&D, but is it the powerhouse that it claims to be?  It is widely regarded as the latest innovation in the field, yet in truth it’s a technique that has been used to help engage learners and improve performance for centuries. 

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How we can avoid the biggest engineering skills crisis in a generation

Vince Cable, former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, once described engineering as “central to Britain’s economic future, as it creates highly adaptable skills that are valuable across the whole economy and bring the opportunity for long term jobs.”  Few would disagree with that sentiment. There is, however, a widening skills gap in UK engineering, which, if not addressed, could prove detrimental to the industry’s future.

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new genration learning

You can’t download behaviours – why e-learning isn’t always enough

Finding new and innovative ways to engage with learners seems to be a top priority for many L&D departments, with the main driver being the rise of the millennial workforce in most cases.  But while the younger generation of workers are typically very up to date with the latest technology and keen to try new ways of doing things, this is causing some L&D  functions to lose sight of their primary purpose: to educate and develop the workforce to enable them to excel and contribute to the business’ success.

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design thinking

How Design Thinking can revolutionise L&D

In many organisations, the needs of learners have changed, but the provision of learning has yet to.  How can businesses implement a Design Thinking approach to help more effective learning outcomes to emerge?

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Applying neuroscience to learning and development

The field of neuroscience – the study of the brain and nervous system – has seen some significant advancement over the last 20 years, largely thanks to new technology such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), a tool that enables brain activity to be more accurately monitored. This has led to rapid growth in the exploration of cognitive and behavioural neuroscience within the context of workplace learning.

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TLD Raise Over £1200 for St Catherine’s Hospice

Throughout December TLD have been raising money for St Catherine’s hospice, helping support this worthy cause in providing end of life care to residents in Sussex and local areas and we are delighted to announce we have raised a grand total of over £1200!

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learning technologies

Learning Technologies 2017 – What did we learn?

Learning Technologies is one of the key events in the L&D calendar; exploring the latest thinking in the world of learning, and the latest tech available to support learners and organisations in their development journeys.  Every year there is a wealth of impressive content, insights and new products on display, and it gets harder and harder to choose just a few snippets of great insight from the event.  But alas, while we’d love to share everything we learnt at LT17uk, we would be verging on a War and Peace length article, so we’ve whittled it down to our top takeaways.

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Disarming the demographic time-bomb

The ageing population isn’t a new revelation, but there still seems to be very little in the way of proactive efforts to address the issue and prevent the expected fallout.  Raising awareness of the problem is certainly important, and continued discussion around the topic and the implications it may have is needed, but so too is the development of action plans within organisations to ensure the problem can be managed.

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