What to do with Talent?

Once identified what do top organisations do with their talent to allow it to meet its full potential?  It can often take a brave organisation to throw their talent into the firing line and watch it grow or fade from the sidelines.

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Feature Technical & Digital Course of the Month – Excel Module 3 Data Analysis

Data Analytics, Data Analysis and Business Intelligence are key topics that are becoming increasingly important for businesses. Gone are the days where there were IT departments specifically tasked with doing this and more and more it is expected of individuals within functions. There are a lot of good BI and reporting tools out there but a lot of people resort to using Excel at some point as it is so versatile.

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Video: Enabling Effective Planning – a Summary

In the final video of the series Chris finishes off by sharing his summary of what the key compenents are for effective planning to happen.

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Why Choose AgilePM®?

Agile’s influence on the project management industry continues to rise at pace. More organisations and project professionals than ever are embracing Agile tools and frameworks as they aim to increase the success of – and return on investment from – projects and other change initiatives.

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Why adopt the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Framework?

Organizations are increasingly recognizing their need for programme management. The adoption of MSP has grown across the world as it has been established as the standard for programme management. Managing Successful Programmes comprises a set of principles, governance themes and a transformational flow to provide the route map for the programme lifecycle. It is founded on best practice though it is not prescriptive. It is very flexible and designed to be adapted to meet the needs of local circumstances.

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Video: what makes a plan effective?

In this episode, Chris focusses on what it is that makes a plan truly effective, and it might not be what you expect.

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Video: the challenges of planning in the real world

In episode three of the series, Chris Johnston shares his own personal experience of how poor planning can negative impact projects, and how sometimes it's about behaviours and mind-set rather than technical skills to find a solution.

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Video: What is Planning?

Enabling Effective Planning: The series.  In this video series, Chris will discuss the fundemental elements of planning and the importance of effective planning for project success.  In the second video of the series, Chris explains what planning actually is and why it's so important.

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Video: why projects fail

In this video series, Chris will discuss the fundemental elements of planning and the importance of effective planning for project success. In his first video Chris shares with us the two most common reasons for project failure.

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The evolution of Agile project management

Few people outside of software development have been formally introduced or trained in the discipline, and this sense of it being an unknown quantity often results in people avoiding the topic completely. However, agile project management is gradually creeping into the mainstream, with a growing number of industries outside of software starting to recognise its potential.

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