A New Era of Risk Management with Deltek Acumen Risk

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Introducing Deltek Acumen Risk

For those of you involved in project risk management there are many tools out there that can help you, however finding a tool that combines schedule risk analysis, cost risk analysis and the risk register is a little rarer.

So let me introduce you to Deltek’s Acumen Risk.

Some of you may have heard of Deltek Acumen Fuse which is a schedule diagnostics tools that helps you to pinpoint and resolve schedule shortcomings in a matter of minutes.  Acumen Risk is an additional module you can buy with Fuse to deal with all the schedule and cost risk analysis.

Having used many other risk tools, when I started to use it I was not sure what I would think.  But I have to say I was impressed.  By having all the schedule diagnostics tools from Fuse available, this meant that immediately I was dealing with a robust schedule that I could be confident in performing risk analysis on.

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It detaches schedule and cost risk, which at first I found unusual, however it does make sense; quite often people are working with non resource loaded schedules therefore cost does not come into it.  Plus a lot of organisations use separate cost estimating tools to their scheduling tool so the ability to bring in costs from these was refreshing.

Overall I found the tool very flexible; I could bring in costs from a cost spreadsheet, however if I had a resource loaded spreadsheet I could bring them in from there too.  It did not follow the old misnomer of, “if a job takes longer the person doing it will take double the time and cost” but allowed me to determine the minimum, most likely and maximum costs separately to the schedule.  The risk register is pared back to give the basic details with the ability to add more, making it a lot less complicated than some other tools I have worked with.

So all in all I have to say I am impressed.  The tool offers a lot of innovative functionality that will certainly aid in effective risk management, and I can only see it becoming more popular as time goes on and projects continue to become more complex.

Overall I found the tool very flexible. The risk register is pared back to give the basic details with the ability to add more.

But as with everything knowing how to use the tool properly is the key to getting the most out of it.  As the only accredited training partner for Deltek we are pleased to be able to offer a one day programme to support those of you who are hoping to use the tool more effectively, whether now or in the future.  Being a Deltek University Certified Training Provider it means that we have the support from Deltek and also feedback into the tool and future releases while still being an independent learning and development provider.

If you’d like to find out more about our one day programme, you can view full details and available dates on our course page.  Our next training date is in December, following on immediately from the Acumen Fuse course running for those of you wanting to do all three days.  Alternatively if you have a group requiring training we can organise dates to suit you.