Feature Technical & Digital Course of the Month – SQL Foundation


Structured Query language, better known as SQL is at the heart of every database going.

When you type in the search box of Amazon your “criteria” and press the search button, you eventually get a set of text, images etc. back to your web browser revealing all the possibilities that match your words. The way Amazon do all this for you is through an SQL query.

SQL is the default query language for databases. There are lots of different languages used in computers, but SQL is the language used to communicate with databases.

In our foundation course you will learn how to create queries on single tables, two or more tables, use a variety of joins which you can see below in the form of Venn diagrams as well as grouping and sorting data.

venn diagram

By the end of the two days you will be able to use a range of text, date and data extraction methods. Although we use the Oracle SQL developer tool for the foundation course, the manual also contains any differences you will find if you use Microsoft SQL Server. Throughout the course we use ANSI standard keywords which are recognised across the various SQL platforms. Although syntax may vary from one system to another, the number of common keywords is increasing.

At the end of the two days you’ll understand the basics of SQL and what it can do, and the following words will become second nature to you;


For more information about the SQL Foundation course, please visit the course page, or to book a place on our next course please feel free to contact us by email on hellolearning@uk.thalesgroup.com or give us a call on 0370 218 8851.

Next dates 20-21 June 2017, with other courses running on 11-12 September and 29-30 November

Written by Richard Harker, Technical & Digital Learning Consultant.  To contact Richard with any questions or queries, you can reach him using the details above.