Feature Technical & Digital Course of the Month – Excel Module 1


Excel Module 1: Essentials

Microsoft Excel is becoming more widely used and forming an integral part of a large number of businesses across the globe. Whilst most commonly used for completing financially related tasks, businesses use the software for working with statistical formulas, graphing, tracking and reporting on business data trends and organising other business data.

Excel, is probably most commonly associated with the creation of spread sheets and inputting data which can be displayed in a table and sorted and filtered in an endless number of rows and columns to assist with general day to day number crunching, but actually what the tool can offer is so much more and has a capability which goes beyond simply managing numbers and statistics.

Although Excel is so widely used there are a lot of people out there who still struggle to use it.  People tend to focus on making things look pretty rather than formatting the data to make it usable.  Gaining a greater understanding of the functionality of Excel, can help to support you perform basic activities and work with and organise information in your daily work life with greater ease – it is therefore a really good idea to have a good working knowledge of it.

So how can we help you start to get to grips with this powerful piece of software? If you are starting out with Excel or you have already dabbled but are struggling to get the best out of the tool then our Excel Module 1 Essentials course is a great start.  The course will help you easily understand the software and also get to grips with performing some of the basic activities.   It looks at demystifying formulas and gives you shortcuts and tips and tricks to make your use of Excel more efficient.   The course includes lots of hands on exercises practicing with different examples and techniques.  I always love running this course when within the first hour I see a lot of light bulb moments from people seeing how some of the shortcuts can save them time. So if you want to become better and more confident using Excel then this course is for you.  Come and join us.

Once you start to get more experience using the tool, you may be interested in developing your Excel learning path further and attending one of our other Excel courses, to learn about more of some of the advanced techniques.  Click here to find out more about what we can offer.

Our next course is running on 17th August with further courses running on 2nd October and 20th November, click here or give us a call on 0800 163469 to book your place.

By Donna Bridewell, Technical & Digital Learning Consultant